Could you be a Luis?

Could you be a Luis?
(Third in a series of three blogs).

Luis Urzua had the mother of all burning platforms to work from in applying his leadership. I would hope that none of us finds ourselves in similarly awful circumstances; however, the question should be asked – are there applications of Luis’s behaviors that we can use in the “normal” workplace?’
Effectively lead your team
• Centralized focus can be generated in a shared understanding of a set of genuinely valuable objectives, in a unified sense of purpose and a distinct team identity.
• Care and concern are expressed in frequent and genuine interest in, and engagement with, the team. Your acute sense of its well-being and your actions to maintain a high standard of collegiality among all members set the tone from the top for a team that will take care of each other in tough times.
• Individual identity matters within the team structure. Identifying and using each person’s expertise and experience for the team’s mutual benefit strengthens the potential of the team and the resolve of each person within it.

Efficiently manage your available resources

• Create the optimal physical environment for success by using what you have appropriately in a balance between getting the job done and satisfying the personal drivers of the team. Don’t sacrifice one for the other or you’ll lose both.
• Don’t get sucked in by those who make the most noise in the clamor for limited resources. Be transparent in both what resources you are allocating and why you are allocating them that way. Create distribution that will be seen as even and fair.
• Structure the consumption of resources. Use your resources in a task-relevant way in order to achieve specified results.

Lessons Learned in this three part blog
Buried within this marvelous story of human endurance and ingenuity, we find three critical lessons in the fundamentals of leadership and teamwork:
Leadership Lesson #1 – Solid Leader-Manager practices are sources of strength in, and are even more crucial during, the most dramatic of situations. Learn the fundamental skills of leading effectively and managing efficiently now so that you can rely on them when under extreme pressure.

Leadership Lesson #2 – Great leaders function on two levels: the systemic level and the symbolic level. The systemic level is where they should make the best practical choices to increase the efficiency of their team and its resources in order to meet its goals. And the symbolic level is where they should make the best decisions that raise the spirit of their team so that motivation was maintained.

Leadership Lesson #3 – We never know when we will be called upon to motivate and manage others, but we can know our strengths so that we are ready when the moment comes.

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